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British Museum Tour for Kids and Families

Private guided tour of one of the most extraordinary museums in the world! (52)
Approximate Duration h2,5
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British Museum Tour for Kids and Families in London

Private guided tour of one of the most famous and important museums on earth led by a kid-friendly specialized guide. Both parents and children will learn, play and have fun while visiting the unique collections of the British Museum that include art and history treasures such as the Rosetta Stone, the Parthenon Reliefs and many other masterpieces. The tour can be customized on your family needs and interests.

  • 2,5 Hours
  • Accessible
  • Photos Allowed
  • Transportation Optional
  • Walking Tour
  • Official Tour guide

Tour Description

Explore one of the world's most famous museums with a kid-friendly expert!

In our private family friendly British Museum Tour, our expert guide will lead the partecipants through the wonders of the largest and most important collection dedicated to human history.

Established in 1753, largely based on the collections of the Irish physician and scientist Sir Hans Sloane, the British Museum contains over 8 million breathtaking exhibits that paint an interconnected portrait of the world’s cultures from its beginning to the present day.

This tour will take you back in time, giving you the chance to discover the most extensive Egyptian collection in Europe, including “Ginger” the mummy and the colossal statue of Ramesses II, who was considered the greatest and most powerful pharaoh of the Egyptian Empire.

You will learn more about famous masterpieces such as the ancient Athens Parthenon Sculptures, in the Greek section of the museum, the Rosetta Stone, the statue of the Discus Thrower and many more interesting artifacts. This is the best way for a family with children to learn and discover the history and facts about humankind, to see it close up in the company of an informative and kid-friendly guide.

This tour is a fantastic way to give kids a taste of this great museum, which is visited by up to six million people a year. Contact us for availability and rates! Guides are limited, so plan your tour ahead for the best possible schedule during your time in London.

To book this original and unique British Museum Tour for Children and Families, please contact us for information and reservations at info@pinocchiotours.com. You must accompany your children at all times.

What's included

All the most interesting artworks of the British Museums in one 2,5 hour tour led by a top-rated local guide.

  • Licensed Official Tour Guide
  • 2,5-Hour Guided Tour
  • Athens Parthenon Sculptures
  • “Ginger” the mummy
  • Statue of Ramesses I
  • Fun and Interactive Activities for the Whole Family
  • Rosetta Stone
  • Much more...


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Image - Tour taken in February -

Andre R. from San Paulo with our tour Guide Roberta

"We had a great experience on our tour, this is a MUST DO in London, specially with Roberta, our guide, she know so much about all the museum and made the kid enjoy the time at the museum. She played a game with the kids to make it even more fun. Thanks Roberta for the time and the Tour!!!" Andre R.

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